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Server Info + Stats (outdated)

PostPosted:Thu Dec 27, 2018 9:11 am
by DrunkMunki
This information is outdated, go here ... =113&t=426

Free Port / Spawn Point Server:
Server Name: [AU/NZ]|PVP|3x3|3x|SmallTribes|NoWipe
Each server (there are 9 servers) are limited to 35 players, will increase once confirmed it can handle it.

  • 3x Gathering
  • 3x XP
  • 3x Taming/Breeding
  • Mode: PvP
  • Tribes: Limited to 6 players per tribe (unlimited alliances)
  • Placeable Flags
  • 1 Freeport (no pvp on spawn island)
  • Freeport has no XP limitations
  • Player Food/Water Drain: 50%
  • Structure Pickup Time: 60s
  • Tribe Name Change Limit: 15 days (so make it count)
  • Out of Claim Decay: 2x
  • No building bases on starter island
  • Total Skill Points: 1290
  • Max Level: 151
  • Unlimited respec
  • Wiped: 14/April/2019

Atlas Regions
A1 (Rolling Thunder) - Temperate
A2 (Accadacca) - Equatorial
A3 (Crikey Irwin) - Temperate
B1 (Bloodyliyah) - Desert
B2 (Central) - Tropical
B3 (Goonbag Isle) - Tundra
C1 (Tannenbaum) - Tropical
C2 (Dynamo) - Equatorial
C3 (Woop Woop) - Polar

NOTICE: Just to be CLEAR, there is no building on the starter island (A2), this island is designed for new players and people to buy NPC's/trading, make a boat and LEAVE... i dont want to see people making small bases or large ships (Galleons).. with cannons and such... and PLEASE remove your docks when done!
You CAN use the island for resources, but remember you still have a long trip to get it home. Players bodies and structures will be randomly removed if found.

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