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Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance.Net | PvPvE | 2x | Events
 #824  by DrunkMunki
Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance.Net | PvPvE | 2x | Events

Map: PVP [left side] and PvE [right side]
Platform: Cross Platform
Clan Size: 10
Experience: 2x
Foliage Respawn Rate: 2x
Harvest Quantity: 2x
Player Weight Limit Multiplier: 2x
Structure Decay Min Damage Per Hour: 150 (default 300)
Structure Decay Max Damage Per Hour: 350 (default 700)
* Starter Cradle Decay is 2x default
Claim Vulnerability: 5hrs
Claim Protection: 19hrs
Simultaneous events: 2
  • Asteroid
    • Lifetime: 6-8hrs
    • Activation: 30mins
    • Probability: 33%
  • Worm
    • Lifetime: 6-10hrs
    • Activation: 30mins
    • Probability: 33%
  • Ancient City
    • Lifetime: 4-8hrs
    • Activation: 30mins
    • Probability: 33%

  • Proxies/Poaching Huts are NOT to be placed in PvE tiles due to no structure damage, to make it fairer for everyone.
  • Do not put proxies on Event tiles [Asteroid,Ancient City,Worm] as these are temporary tiles
  • Do not "reserve" resources by putting structures around it in PvE tiles (e.g walls.. drills)
  • Do not remain on your walker controls when you "disconnect" to prevent auto-lobbying
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