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Server Info

PostPosted:Sat Dec 26, 2020 1:18 pm
by DrunkMunki
Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance.Net-Rules-NewPlayerFriendly

Global Chat = Enabled
Name Tags = Enabled (so people can record abuse)
Server Growth = Enabled (babies grow to adults)
Allow Turn In Place = Disabled
Fall Damage = Enabled
Dead Body Time = 60secs
Respawn Time = 45secs
Logout Time = 30secs
Footprint Lifetime = 45secs
Battle Eye = Enabled
Server NPCs = 100
Server NPC Spawn Rate around Player = 4x
Nesting = Disabled
Sent = Enabled

- Server scheduled to reboot 6am daily

Do NOT kill randomly, MUST be for food only.
When killed and body isn't fully consumed, please wait the 60secs for the body to despawn before leaving the area.