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Pay attention to this space; this is where server updates, notifications and scheduled downtime are posted.
 #918  by DrunkMunki
in relation to the voting done on discord: https://www.gamingalliance.net/viewtopi ... =100&t=524

The results of the poll:
Structures Plus = 40
Super Structures = 4

Resource Stacks = 21
HG Stacking Mod = 18

TributTransfer = 42
Element Transmitter = 0

Awesome Spyglass = 42
Bitou2k's Binocular = 2

Death Helper = 3
Automatic Death Recovery = 2
Death Recovery Mod = 31

Wooden Hanging Bridge = 2
Bridge = 30

Editable Server UI = 30 (yes) / 2 (no)

Monday 7th November: around 7:30am (2 days time)
I will be replacing the spyglass to Awesome Spyglass on Monday when i remove the Halloween Event.
I will also be replacing the Death mod to "Death Recovery Mod"
I will also be removing the "Element Transfer" mod at this time, as these have the lowest interruption in game play.

Monday 28th November: around 7:30am (23 days time)
I will be replacing the bridge mod, this will have minimal impact as you can remake the bridge with the new mod.

Saturday 10th December: around 10am (when i will be free) (35 days time)
I will be replacing the structures mod with "Structures Plus",
I am still to thoroughly test, and you are welcome to test aswell, i have allocated a few hours on that day to help with any issues.
I suggest you review your base and compare what structures you may need to replace which are unique to the SS Mod.
You are given 35 days to review your current needs, so I will not replace items that "disappear" on the change.
Due to SS and S+ using the same naming convention for mods, most will be 'converted' to the current mod, so i dont see much on an impact, but i will be testing generic structures and storage before implementing.
I will NOT be testing other structures, this is up to your to see what needs to be changed in your base, if in doubt, screenshot your base to see what may 'disappear'.
Saturday 7th January 2023: around 10am (when i will be free) (69 days time)
I have decided to replace the current stacking mod, although the votes are close, to futureproof players resources i have decided to move to a more supported mod.
The reason I am delaying this so much is due to its encroaching the holiday season and want to give everyone plenty of notice as this is one thing i really dont want to stuff up and have everyone prepared..
If you will be unavailable then i suggest you prepare by making a building dedicated to your resources and moved them into custom stacks of 1,000 or screenshot what you have in case of issues.
* I will be modifying the servers ini to change the default stacks for resources to 10,000, this i have to do for EVERY resource in the game.. this is in case there are issues, and will be changed after successful implementation.
 #919  by DrunkMunki
Changes Today:

Halloween event will be turned off and the below mod changes

Remove: Super Spyglass (793605978)
Remove: (Fjordur) Bitou2k's Binocular (1136125765)
Add: Awesome Spyglass (1404697612)

Remove: Death Helper (566885854)
Add: Death Recovery Mod (751991809)

Remove: Element Transmitter (1403172746)

Remove: Builder's Improvements (854186603)

Added to Fjordur:
Resource Stacks (630601751)
Automated Ark Add-on: Raiding Helpers (2007461356)
Pet Finder (566887000)
Utilities Plus (899250777)
TributTransfer (2044129379)
Bridge (558651608)