• Dark & Light PvP Rules

  • Server and Forum rules can be found here, each server will have it's own rules so please make sure you read them before playing.
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Server and Forum rules can be found here, each server will have it's own rules so please make sure you read them before playing.
 #883  by DrunkMunki
Failure to abide by these rules can result in the banning of your account from the entire cluster!

You will be given ample warning prior to any bans/kicks that may occur.
No offline raiding
Keep Controversial topics out of Game global chat and Discord, these include: Politics, Violence, Sexuality, Drugs, Suicide, Religion.

No Shit talk in any servers Global Chat or GamingAlliance.net Discord (DnL shit-talk channel is provided if you must). ALL shit talk is to be taken to the #🧨shit-talk 🎃 channel.
Any form of hacking / cheating etc will be met with a ban.
This includes but not limited to :
- Tunnelling into bases
- Mesh Biting
- Building in the mesh (ARCHOS only)

(GAIA: Building in the Mesh on Gaia is a players Meshing heaven!!, Gaia is excluded from the No building in the Mesh Rule)
No In-siding-
This includes but is not limited to:
- Leaving house and taking items with you without letting anyone in the house know (preferably the house owner)
- Disabling defences for another house to allow them in.
- No demoing structures from the inside and then leaving house.

In-siding: All house structures, items, and creatures are the house owners. Owners can set house settings to personal tamed,which means the person who tamed it owns it.
Do not join a house with the intent to grief / inside a House.
- Intentionally having a negative impact on the GamingAlliance community can result in punishment.
- Malicious intent on the community, servers, and/or content of other players will result in the player(s) being banned.
- Manipulating the rules as a means to get other community members punished will result in the player(s) being banned.
- Duplication of tames, items, or characters will result in the player(s) being banned.
- Cheating, scripting are not allowed and it will lead to a player (s) being banned.
- Intentionally crashing the GamingAlliance servers (through DDoS or otherwise) can lead to the player(s) being banned.
- Do not help players without asking for their permission first.
If the player declines your help, respect their wishes and do not get involved.