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 #872  by DrunkMunki

Server Name: [AU/NZ]GamingAlliance.Net-PvPvE/RP/Rules/5x/Mods

  • Type: PvE with player enabled PvP settings
  • Clans/Tribes=Max 4 players
  • crafting.timescale=0.1
  • airdrop.min_players=20
  • Gather Rates (Day)
    • 5x
  • Gather Rates (Night)
    • 10x
  • Upkeep Time: 5 days
Wiped: Monthly upon updates

  • Server is primarily PvE, must interact in a PvE/RP manner
  • PvP requires both parties to enable PvP through the chat command
  • No Base Wiping/Minimal Damage
  • No abusive chat
  • No Player harassment
  • Raiding only enabled for online players (note this server is mainly PvE)

QoL/UI Events Protection
/backpack -- open your own backpack
/backpackgui -- toggle whether you can see the backpack GUI button

Remover Tool:
/remove - gives you 60seconds to remove your items and gives a refund

/sb - Enable/Disable Sort Button.
/sb <sort | type> - change sort type.

/showrate -- Show player's gather multiplier

/trade "partial or full player name" -- Send a trade request to specified player
/trade accept -- Accept the most recent trade request

/getdeposit – Get the output of the resource deposit below your position

/pet - Enable/disable the pet controller for your player
/pet help - Show the help menu
/pet draw - Toggle the draw marker system
/pet free - Release control of your pet
/pet sleep - Put your pet to sleep/wake them up
/pet info - Display current statistics for you pet

Voice UI:
/showvoice -- shows the voice UI for the player
/hidevoice -- hides the voice UI for the player

Vehicle License:
/license -- Show help to the player.
/buy -- Show help for buy commands. Buy a license
/spawn -- Show help for spawn commands. Spawn a vehicle
/recall -- Show help for recall commands. Recall vehicles to the vicinity of the player