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 #301  by Muddy69
 Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:02 pm
Not sure if many still play this game, I've not long got into it after 3k+ hours in ARK, and I am enjoying it.
One thing I would like to suggest, is to stop established players being able to return to the starter system after they have left.

The reason for this is I have found established players are coming back to rape the rarer resources, and also inserting their core into poi's, thus rendering them useless for new players, with no fear from PvP. With starters being PvE, once their core is in poi's, there is no way to collect anything, let alone being able to raid them for better loot.
Established players are also able to have a CV base with all their loot parked on starter planets, thus rendering them safe from any form of PvP.

Munki, please look into fixing this loophole.
 #302  by DrunkMunki
 Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:44 pm
Hey Muddy,
I have enabled POI resurrection, so it will reset most POI's...after a certain limit
But i agree, starter planets are off limits for people who have left the planets.
if you find a POI with a player core, let me know which planet and what the POI is (even provide the co ords.. if you can) and i will look into it.

Empyrion rules can now be found at ... p=303#p303