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  • Pay attention to this space; this is where server updates, notifications and scheduled downtime are posted.
Becoming a “Patreon” helps support the community by providing financial security for hosting costs of our hardware which is used to host all the games we provide, covering on-going costs with your support helps alleviate the financial strain on Drunk Munki.
Visit our link at https://www.patreon.com/GamingAlliance to see our goals and donate and get some extra benefits while you are at it :)
Gaming Alliance is not run for profit and all contributions goes towards this community.

Join our discord (over 1,800+ people) for the most up to date info and conversations!
https://www.gamingalliance.net/discord | https://discord.gg/asFpJ7A

We are currently hosting 33 games on 9 servers

Pay attention to this space; this is where server updates, notifications and scheduled downtime are posted.
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Donations and Support
GamingAlliance runs a Dedicated Blade Server, which houses 10 physical servers which is hosted in the Equinix Datacentre in Sydney.
We need to cover the on-going server costs and other fees, this can be $400-$600/mo.

Community Support helps pay for this to keep everything running, those who have been able to support us allows us to provide all games for free.

How can you support us?
There are 3 ways:
  • Patreon
  • Paypal
  • Post on Forums, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch/Kick, TikTok.. OnlyFans... about GamingAlliance, bring people to the website and discord, the more people we bring in, the more opportunities others will financially support us, you also help get our name out there and more visibility.
Note: ALL Financial contributions goes to a single paypal account reserved for anything for GamingAlliance and is never touched outside of that.

Patreon is a 'subscription' based service so you can contribute a set amount monthly, this helps us gauge how much money is coming in to pay the bills.

Become a Patreon supporter and get:
  • Special role in discord
  • Access to Patreon only Servers
  • Priority Support (in and out of game)
  • Special items claimable monthly (doesn't roll over)
Patreons help support the costs for servers so you can play for free, all money goes towards the community, Become a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/GamingAlliance

Paypal allows you to provide a one off 'donation' to help support the community, some people prefer to provide a one off donation than use a third-party service like Patreon.

It is harder to track and manage Paypal donations at the moment as unlike Patreon this is a manual contribution and isnt automated so no roles can be given or access to 'Patreon' Servers.

Benefits of Paypal donation:
  • Priority support (if i can remember you) please state when you donated if i forget, thanks.
  • the warm fuzzy feeling the servers wont be gone and the entire civilisation as we know it collapses.
To submit/send a donation please send the money to [email protected] or visit https://paypal.me/gamingallianceau

if you can please include your discord name in any notes when sending money