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 #513  by DrunkMunki
 Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:21 pm

This game hugely built around pvp. People are motivated by pvp, hence why we allow raiding during Judgement Hours.

BUT PvE is also part of this server, please follow the below rules, failure to do so will result in warning or bans, all up to the mods/GM.
  • No Offensive Names (Player or Guild)
  • No Offensive Talk (this includes excessive swearing)
  • No Killing Yielded Players (unless they originally attacked you first)
  • No Kill on Sight, you must have dialogue first (Text or Voice)
  • Do not continually harass/grief the same players/guilds
  • Do not advertise servers, streamer handles/links..
  • Please make sure all chat is done in English
  • No building or digging mines near other guilds claims. At least 20 squares minimum distance
  • Do not dig tunnels under another guilds' walls.
  • No spawn killing after one kill if the defender yields
  • All Attacks on claims outside of judgement hour must follow the PvP Rule and RP Rule
  • Do not spam claims on areas you do not intend to build on
  • Guilds can only have 1 claimed area, outposts are not allowed
  • Guilds must also act independently, you cannot bypass this restriction by making several guilds and act as one.
Clarification on PvP
  • Attacks on Claims During Day/Night time needs 5 lines of RP Min from the attacker 1 line needed from the defender. (If the defender doesn't reply take it as they are afk and this is the end of this RP and you (the attacker) must leave but allowed to return within 2 hours until a response is made)
  • Night time open world (Of claim only) is 1 line RP for the attackers no line RP needed from the defender
  • All pvp conflicts come with a 24hr cooldown (If you pvp night or day on a claim or all players from a claim, any pvp once the RP is over there is a 24hr cooldown on the attackers but the defended may attack back in the case the attack my defend and fight back only after the attacker has HIT a player)
Clarification of Yielding:
  • If a player yields: Only take what you need and nothing more.
  • Repeatedly asking for all items will be consider as bending this rules and considered grieving
  • Once the player has Yielded and you have taken what you needed this is the end of this conflict and no further attacks may be done to this player/claim for 24hrs (Real Life)
Judgement Hour (lasts for 2hrs):
  • After every JH no players claims are to be attacked/contested for 24hrs even if that claim was offline, BUT PvP/RP Rules still apply.
its recommended communication done in text chat and screenshotted so proof can be easily obtained.

All Mods/GM's have final say; their purpose is to provide stability of the server, failure to comply with their directions can result in a ban.